Lip Colors to Fall For

Hey y’all,

I’m finally back from a much-needed hiatus. Life got crazy, but here I am. I want to jump back in with something Fall related because my love for fall is probably the least unique thing about me. Pretty much everyone loves fall, which is good because no one agrees on anything anymore.

Anyway, if you’ve ever read my blog you know I’m no expert at makeup (or anything for that matter). I do the same look every.single.time. The only thing that ever changes is my foundation, depending on the season and how tan/pale I am, and my lip color. Your lip color can change your whole look and requires little no skill in comparison to something like eyeshadow. If I try to change my eyeshadow routine there’s a 99% chance I end up looking like I have a black eye. So, a couple quick swipes of lip color is more my style. I’ve compiled a list of my go-to lip colors for fall that will last through whatever basic Fall activities you’re partaking in. Enjoy!

Mac Matte Lipstick in “Persistence”: $18.50

Technically this is a year around favorite, but I think it’s especially great for Fall. This is one of my favorite formulas. It goes on super smooth and doesn’t make your lips feel like you spent a year in the Sahara like a lot of mattes do. This color is a perfect nude (for me, I know everyone requires a different nude, don’t @me). It’s brown but with definite peachy undertones so it isn’t a boring nude.

IMG_3696 2
“Persistence” by Mac


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Threading and Dermaplaning: How I Keep From Looking Like a Werewolf.

Hey Y’all!

One of the big things (literally) I get questions/comments about are my eyebrows. Now that big brows are in (why wasn’t this a thing in middle school?) people are wondering how to achieve the shape and style.

First off, I am a hairy person who has no other option than to have thick brows. Trends change, and you aren’t going to be able to achieve all of them. You know when everyone had tiny eyebrows? Well, this girl definitely did not and it felt like the end of the world at that time. Like, so bad that I shaved my eyebrows pretty much completely off in 2nd grade and proceeded to fill them in with mascara to hide it from my mom. That obviously didn’t work.  It was absolutely horrible and I am #blessed that they grew back normally. With that said, you should never feel like you need to conform to any trend ever and rock whatever you want to rock because that’s cooler than conforming anyway and I wish I had realized that when I got made fun of for having caterpillars on my face as a child. Ok, end nonconformist rant and get to the good stuff.

Proof I’ve always had all this hair
Came straight from the womb like this










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My Latest Skin Care Faves

Hey y’all,

I’m here to spread the good word about my favorite skin care products right now. All pictures are linked to where you can buy them!

First up, my Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate & Argan oil. This came in the mail at the perfect time. I think because of the weather, my skin has been drier than the heart of a haystack. This product can be used from head to toe (literally, it doubles as a hair oil). I’ve been using this in place of lotions to try to fix the fact that my skin is literally just flaking off.

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Cold Weather Essentials For Big Babies Like Me

Y’all, I hate the cold. Like, I really hate it and I’m a huge baby about it. I live in Louisville where the weather is unpredictable and we can have all four seasons in one week. Earlier this week, it was almost 70 degrees but we were under a winter weather advisory and all the schools had already canceled for the next day. Crazy. So, I was forced to mentally and physically prepare for a huge shift in weather and decided to compile a list of my favorite cold weather essentials. All photos link to where you can find the products!

No smiles in the snow.

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GlamGlow Review: Supermud or Superdud?

I love a good face mask, but I also admittedly suck at skin care. If I remember to really wash my face in the morning and before bed it is a super successful day. Most days I’ll just accept using a makeup removing wipe. That’s assuming that I put makeup on, which is not a regular occurrence.  Regardless of my lack of regular makeup and skin care routines, I love beauty products. I love trying new makeup and skin care products, but after about a week of consistency I just can’t be bothered with a routine that cuts into my valuable time that could be used to take pictures of my pets. This is what spurs my love of face masks. They’re not meant to be used every day, which is great when you’re lazy. If I do a mask once a month, I think I’m doing it right.

Since I do love masks I have an issue with choosing which one to buy. I don’t think I have ever walked out of Sephora without buying at least one mask. Since I usually buy multiple at a time, I never venture over to the more expensive options. But today, I finally decided to give GlamGlow a try since it has a cult following and hella hype.


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